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Our Story

Once upon a time on a cold morning, traveling through the Northeastern coast, from Boston to Maine, we were seeking answers to untold questions and truths. The best cold water seafood spots on the planet. Trying, tasting, tasting trying. Walking, and breathing in a different air, seems clique, but it smells different and tastes different. It was more than an adventure it was a discovery of sorts. It leads us here in a small downtown city in North Carolina. As the members of our tribe came together and began to talk deeply about this concept and its development, suddenly it became organic in growth and energy that was contagious. We wanted southern hospitality, with northeastern cold water.

Welcome to Savannah Oyster Co. 

Our entire team is built on collaboration and inclusion. This radiates through the space and doesn't end until the last light goes out. Chef and guest-driven this is an experience we hope you won't soon forget. Cheers 


Meet The TEAM

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